Marion's Smart Delights Launches New Website and White Paper on the Health Considerations of Sweeteners

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Our new Marion’s Smart Delights website is brimming with helpful resources and new recipes that include gluten-free, dairy-free, reduced sugar, low sodium, vegan, and allergen-free delicious and nutritious treats! You’ll find recipes using Marion’s Gluten-Free Cookie and Muffin Baking Mix and Marion’s Gluten-Free Lemon Bar Mix. All the recipes are yummy and most include nutritional information as well as diabetes exchanges. We hope this information will help you to make informed choices that support your dietary lifestyle and delight your taste buds, too!

Getting smarter about what we eat.

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So many of us desire to trade a dependence on salt and sugar for an appreciation of fresh, naturally flavored whole foods. Our mixes can help. They contain a miniscule amount of natural sweetener* and just enough sugar for good texture. If you love the natural sweetness, that’s great. But the mixes also let you add some of your favorite sweetener or other ingredients to satisfy your sweet tooth. You can even reduce your dependence on overly sweet tastes by using less and less extra sweetener with our mixes so you can gradually accustom your palate to more subtle natural sweetness.

Adjusting your taste buds” is a great way to improve your health. That’s why we’re delighted to let you know that a new white paper is available on our website – the first of many free resources we’ll be offering to stimulate discussion on health, nutrition, and related topics. This new report, Too Sweet for Our Own Good Health: Considerations of Sugar and its Substitutes, is written by Steffany Moonaz, PhD, a noted Health Behaviorist.

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and Marion's Cookies
Can changing your taste buds change your life?

Perhaps! Did you know that sweet tastes actually increase your appetite and motivate you to eat more? This may be true even if the sweet taste comes from zero-calorie sugar substitutes. Though non-caloric sweeteners have value for people with diabetes, simply trading sugar for non-caloric sweeteners may not result in weight loss. Plus, over-stimulation of sugar receptors also prevents mature taste preferences from developing and allowing you to get true “sweet tooth” satisfaction from the subtle natural flavors of more complex and nutritious foods.

Since excessive use of sugar is associated with obesity (which affects 30% of American adults), and other serious illnesses, Dr. Moonaz suggests that one effective way to improve our health is to slowly but surely “un-sweeten our palates.” Her new guide, written exclusively for the Marion’s Smart Delights website, offers a wealth of scientific insights about how our bodies respond to sugar and calorie-free (non-nutritive) sweeteners. She also offers helpful guidance on how you can gradually “re-train” your taste buds to get sweet satisfaction from foods that are far lower in sugar (and sugar substitutes) and far higher in nutritional value.

Dr. Moonaz’s report shares important findings on the impact of an excessively sweet diet and is brimming with practical advice, including how to:

• Gradually de-sugar your diet and develop a greater appreciation for natural foods’ sweetness, texture and complexity of flavors

• Nurture your child’s natural sweet tooth: starting from before your baby is born or from whatever age they are right now

• Sustain healthy habits when you and your children are away from home

• Choose the right sweeteners if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes or want sweeteners with a low-glycemic index

• Take advantage of doubly good alternatives to sugar that add natural sweetness plus vitamins, minerals and fiber and boost immunity

• Fool your sweet tooth with healthy add-ins like shredded carrots, chopped walnuts and raisins

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Marion’s Smart Delights baking mixes can assist with the much-needed unsweetening of our palates.  Here is a quote from Dr. Moonaz.

“The combination of both nutritive and natural non-nutritive sweeteners makes Marion’s Smart Delights baking mixes appropriate for a wide-range of individuals. The combination reduces the overall carbohydrate load for those who need to monitor their intake.”
Click here to read the entire white paper.

Marion’s Smart Delights mixes also contain GF whole grains, which are healthier than refined grains and very important for those with, or at risk for, diabetes and all of us! Additional fiber-filled foods can also be added to recipes, including GF whole oats, flax seeds, and chia seeds.

Marion’s Smart Delights will continue our search for healthier products and resources. We are always looking for feedback from our customers, so please continue to share your insights and suggestions.

*The Natural Sweeteners used in Marion’s Smart Delights include Luo Han Guo, a low-glycemic, low-calorie Chinese fruit, and Inulin, which is a natural fiber extracted from chicory roots.

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